About us

The owner of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area MAIN CAMPUS, the real estate investment foundation Turidomus, has commissioned the St. Gallen developer SENN to operate the MC3 Main Campus Convention Center. This is an ideal opportunity for SENN to further develop the innovative life science ecosystem of the entire site.

The MC3 Meeting Center has created a place where innovation and productivity are promoted among the stakeholders involved and thus the entire region. Together with the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, SENN is working to develop a revolutionary new ecosystem of research institutes, start-ups and established companies in the life sciences sector and is committed to making the district one of the most important biotech and healthcare hubs in the world.

This is exactly how the St. Gallen family business SENN wants to support the development of the MC3. Become a part of it and plan your future events and meetings in a very special place, with a high-quality, sustainable interior design by Herzog & de Meuron and inspiring art by Basel artist Renée Levi.

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About Senn

SENN develops, plans and implements real estate projects - out of love for the place. Founded in 1965, SENN is a family business that buys land to create liveable spaces for working and living. In doing so, it works in a radically sustainable way, with style and a sense of added value. Because what is worthwhile in the long term is always done out of love for the place.